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             Zhejiang Jiesheng Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2004, which specializes in R&D, production and sales for refrigeration equipments.

            The Jiesheng¡¯s capital assets are RMB15 millions, the area of factory is around 18,000 square meters, and the fixed assets are RMB50 millions. We consider ¡°People-oriented,Science-Frist¡± as our enterprise spirit. Our company has attracted lots of professional employee, and more than 35 percent of employee are technical personnel having intermediate professional titles.

            Currently, Jiesheng¡¯s annual production capacity is more than 200,000 sets of refrigeration equipment, with RMB 120 millions of annual sales income. Furthermore the company introduced internationally advanced refrigeration technology and utilized high-quality brand-name compressors. At present, Jiesheng have domestic, commercial refrigerating equipment with totally five series and more than sixty product models. Besides the domestic market, Jiesheng¡¯s products are also distributed to more than fifty countries and regions ,such as the USA, Russia, India, Chile, Nigeria ,Indonesia, Iraq, UAE, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Janpan, Britain etc., Having stable quality, high efficiency and other features, the products have obtained Chinese and foreign customers¡¯s confidence and praises.

            Faced with the rapid development of domestic food and beverage market, Jiesheng has developed twenty models for the supermarket, such as Sanquan, Anjing, Haiyi, Haixin, Huiyuan, Haibawang, Shenglong, Mengyang,

            Caoyuanxingfa, Furunjia, Taifeng, Qingdao beer, Huifa, Hekouwei, many Chinese famous enterprises are using Jiesheng¡¯s products.

           ¡°Concerned about user¡¯s needs, satisfy the demand of market¡± is Jiesheng¡¯s everlasting aim, we will make great effort to improve our technology, supply quality products and service to satisfy your demands! Welcome to visit Jiesheng!

        Welcome to Jiesheng, Welcome to Jinbaolai!

          company name £ºzhejiang jiesheng refrigeration co.,ltd add£ºno.169 zhengxing road,leidian industry zone,deqing county,zhejiang china   service hotline£º+86-572-86812288681858   post£º313200  e-mail : js@zjjszl.com   fax£º+86-572-8681227  website:www.tjbhgas.com